Holiday care - Mosman Paws
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Holiday care

In-home dog or cat care

If you do prefer your dog or cat to stay in the comfort of their own home one of our experienced and trustworthy staff can come to your home using a key provided to feed and top up your pets water, clean up the litter tray, bring in the mail, water any indoor plants and do a safety check of your home.


There will be lots of cuddles involved and some photos sent to mum and dad each visit! Pawfect if you have more than one pet at home.


Holiday Care Sleepovers

One of our experienced, trustworthy staff can stay at your home and drop your dog off to daycare each morning, and they can go for a walk in one of the fun fitness groups to break up their day.


Overnight Stays

Places are very limited, but if you are in a tight spot, we can accommodate overnight stays for your dog. Please call one of our friendly staff to talk through some options. We are here to help.