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Furry Fitness


Dogs are just like humans when it comes to health and fitness, and they need to get outdoors to walk, run or play — every day if possible.

Mosman Paws personal doggy trainers will come to understand your dog’s level of fitness and advise how much exercise they need to be as healthy as possible. Your dog might be carrying around some excess weight or maybe just a little bit “well loved” which can make them feel unwell and unhappy. Don’t fear, our personal trainers are some of the best in the area, and if your dog has let itself go, we’re here to get your furry friend back on track.


Group Fitness


A fun group activity can make fitness more fun. Our doggie personal trainers pick your dog up from your home in one of our snazzy air-conditioned vans. We’ll have three other dogs of a similar size and temperament that your dog can spend the day with, enjoying the great outdoors in one of our lovely local parks.


For an hour, the dogs can run free, chase balls, take a dip or just chill out and sniff around if that’s their thing. Before being dropped back at home, they are given a big bowl of fresh water and a healthy treat or two. By the time they’re back at home they might want to just snooze the rest of the day away.



Double trouble


For puppies and the more energetic dogs, we can take your furry friend for a double walk. Add travel time to that, and it’s a big fun day out for your dog, and the best part is, it will give you some time to fit in errands, get some work done, or catch up with a friend.

One-on-one doggie time


We get it. Just like humans, some dogs aren’t keen on exercising in front of a group, and sometimes they don’t want to be in the company of other dogs. Maybe your dog is a one-human kind of creature, or they are set in their ways and like a certain walking path and routine? No worries — our personal trainers can take your dog on a personalised 45-minute walk, and your dog can even choose where they’d like to go.