FAQ - Mosman Paws
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What do I need to do to enrol my pooch in dog daycare?

Firstly we need to do a behaviour assessment of your dog to make sure it will fit in with the pack at daycare. Please ring us to make a time to book this in. It can be done the morning of your dogs first day after 9am. This assessment is to make sure your dog doesn’t have any aggressive or anti-social behaviour issues. We do this for the safety of both our staff and the other dogs at the daycare. We also need to make sure your dog isn’t the talkative type as we do have our neighbours to consider. The assessment will take about half an hour and after that, your dog will (hopefully) be given the thumbs up to join in all the fun at Mosman Paws. During that time you will also be asked to fill out some paperwork and asked to provide us with your dog’s vaccination certificate which is very important.


Do you do pick up and drop off for daycare and the SPA?

Yes we do! We pick up between the hours of 7:30-9:00 depending on where you live and drop off anytime between 4:30 – 6:00. If we need to use a key to collect your dog please either drop this off to the daycare prior to the day and/or we can keep a key for any future bookings. There is a small cost involved, please see our prices page.


What should I bring to daycare?

Nothing! We have ample toys, bedding and blankets for your dog’s comfort. We encourage you to take your dogs lead with you at drop off just in case it gets lost or mixed up with the many other leads we have here at daycare. If your dog does wear a coat in the wet weather please make sure it is labelled clearly with your dogs name.


How old does my dog need to be to go to daycare?

Your dog needs to be a minimum of 8 weeks of age and has had their second set of vaccinations.


Does my dog get fed at daycare?

We may give your dog a few treats throughout the day but we don’t give them a meal. However, if we are dropping them off after daycare and you would like us to give them their dinner or a treat till you get home we are more than happy too. We do sell dog food and treats at daycare too!.


Can my dog have a bath while at daycare?

Yes of course! Two birds! We are more than happy to give your dog a warm soapy bath, brush, blow dry, nail clip and ear clean while they are at daycare. Please see our price list for our SPA prices.


What is my dog shows signs of aggression at daycare?

If your dog shows any signs of aggression or dominance whilst at the daycare, it will be put in our time out area until home time and unfortunately it will not be able to attend daycare again for the safety of the other dogs and staff.


What if my dog is old or shy? Will it fit into daycare?

Most certainly. We have a designated SENIORS room complete with TV and couches just like at home where the oldies can sit and watch the world go by and be kept company by our dog nannies who just love a cuddle or three.